Do your CPGs need to serve a new purpose or market? Here’s a solution that’s as cost-effective as it is versatile. Repackaging is a great way to change up or reconfigure your product without incurring the cost of a complete package redesign. Plus, the benefits are numerous. By simply repackaging your existing products, you can increase sales, give your customers more options, and easily meet changing demands.

Beyond serving new consumers, brands look to implement repackaging for a variety of reasons: seasonality, errors or failed inspections, reducing packaging costs, new product SKUs, reducing waste, and more.


Products Ideal for Repackaging

Personal care

Medicine & vitamins

Beauty & cosmetics


Office products

How Does Repackaging Work?

Repackaging services vary and sometimes require quick implementation. Types of repackaging can include removing products from old packaging, sorting and recounting, unpacking and repackaging retail cartons, adding units to kits, and re-shrink wrapping order changes. Complete inspection services to ensure products are repackaged correctly are also included.

If you’re being told by another company your product needs a complete design overhaul before it can be repackaged, give us a call. At McNerney and Associates, we specialize in adapting to the needs of our clients—not the other way around. Our decades of experience in the contract packaging industry means we can create a quick turnaround on a custom repackaging solution for your brand, with no tertiary package redesign required.

We would love the opportunity to discuss becoming your full-service contract packaging partner. Contact us today to learn more.

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