Medical Marketing Fulfillment

Customer Issue:

A major OTC drug manufacturer was interested in a high quality, yet affordable, sampling vehicle to aid in the introduction of a new, extended pain relief product that would allow patients to take fewer pills per dose. The program was to target doctors and dentists, and would include samples for both doctors and patients as well as a survey card and other collateral information.

McNerney Solution:

The McNerney design team focused on three main issues:

  1. Develop a package strong enough to withstand USPS mailing.
  2. Keep the piece light enough to control shipping costs.
  3. Reflect and reinforce the high quality and high-perceived value for the product that the customer wanted to create.

An 18 point SBS box with five color printing was designed for automated set-up with interior corrugated package support. This structure produced the high quality look of a folding carton with an excellent printing surface, while giving the support needed for distribution and keeping overall package weight to a minimum. The box design allowed for large areas to be printed with branding information and graphically present the benefits of the product in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way. The survey card was designed to be part of the finished 18 point SBS sheet, so that it was not an additional component to produce or pack — significantly lowering cost. McNerney process engineers then designed and built an automated assembly line for this package to deliver quality and consistency at the lowest possible cost.

Customer Outcome:

The final dimensional direct mail piece communicated the high quality of the product while providing valuable information and samples to the customer’s target audience at a reasonable price, which greatly enhanced the new product roll out.

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