Promotional Fulfillment

Customer Issue:

Inaccurate list information, poor production planning and inflexible package design created an ineffective promotional distribution system that resulted in late deliveries and cost over runs due to product waste. Customer data was not verified for accuracy, so many product deliveries were incorrect, and the use of 36-count (only) packaging led to many needless product overruns. For example: a class size of 38 students received two 36-count boxes of product.

McNerney Solution:

The McNerney & Associates team developed a data base marketing solution that drove product fulfillment and packaging requirements based on verified customer needs. McNerney took the initial customer lists and sent out direct mail BRCs to allow for verification of the teachers involved and the actual number of students in each class. A call center was also set up to handle data exceptions. The feedback from this process allowed McNerney to set up a new proprietary data base that ultimately drove production and distribution requirements. Packaging was also developed that was flexible enough to handle the specific volume requirements of each class.

Customer Outcome:

Successful Dental Health Week promotions for the customer, highlighted by on-time deliveries, more accurate and less costly distribution of product to the schools, and a better, more personalized customer experience.

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