Sample Programs

Customer Issue:

To regain lost market share, a national manufacturer of baby formula created a sample program targeting expectant mothers. Their goal was to distribute branded gift boxes that included 14 oz product samples and other newborn care information, to help educate mothers and drive new sales.

Unfortunately, the packaging options presented to them were very costly and did not present the product and the brand to the consumer in a meaningful way. Corporate packaging engineers felt that a corrugated box was needed to hold a product of this weight and distribution through the U.S. Postal system. Corporate marketing wanted a package that neatly organized the product inside the box and told the product benefits story through the use of colorful branded graphics. An expensive litho labeled corrugated box and insert was developed to distribute the sample and collateral materials. That package did not present the information well and did not allow for automated production, so assembly and pack out needed to be done by hand, further increasing costs and extending delivery times.

McNerney Solution:

Instead of using corrugated for all aspects of the package, McNerney designers used lower cost kraft corrugated packaging for the internal container structure only, while using offset printed 18 point SBS board for all package customer facings. In addition to a smooth printed appearance, SBS has the benefit of being able to be folded more neatly and precisely than corrugated board, so that the product sample and the collateral materials could be positioned in a very neat and organized way.

McNerney designers also integrated automated assembly and production processes into the package design. That automated production could be achieved with existing equipment at the McNerney contract packaging facility, which allowed for improved delivery times and the lowest total package cost.

Customer Outcome:

The success of the sample program helped the customer regain a dominant market share position.

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