What Is Retail Ready Packaging

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Now more than ever before, retailers are searching for quick packaging solutions that are eye-catching, make stock and
inventory managing easier, and ensure the product can be transported in perfect condition.

This is where retail ready packaging comes in. By having a product ready to get on the shelves of stores as soon as it arrives,
it helps retailers get it out to customers faster. This is not only a benefit to the retailer, but to the manufacturer as well.

Retail Packaging

What is Retail Ready Packaging?

When the term “retail ready” is used, it refers to packaging that can be easily opened and displayed. These shoppable displays or pallets
are most often seen in warehouse and club environments. It can also refer to cases that are easily opened and displayed by retail staff.
They contain pouches, small boxes, cans, or jars that are easily identified by the customer.

At McNerney and Associates, we provide solutions that combine shipping and merchandise display. Maximize your retail presence
without sacrificing the safety of your products. Retail ready packaging makes it easier to both stock and shop products. The goal
is to increase product sales, and utilizing the right packaging solutions has been proven to increase customer satisfaction.

Retail ready packaging has five distinct traits that separate this type of packaging from others. These five traits are:

  • Easy to identify – clearly printed labels to help store personnel quickly find the product, even among similar merchandise.
  • Easy to open – easily opened in the store, warehouse, or other retail location, but robust enough to endure the trip from supplier to retailer.
  • Easy to merchandise – simple shelf replenishment and optimization of shelf space.
  • Easy to shop – consumers can easily identify the product, even next to similar merchandise.
  • Easy to dispose – uses the least amount of material and can be recycled.


Why Should You Use Retail Ready Packaging?

Retailers and manufacturers alike are always trying to cut down on cost in every area they can. One of the largest areas that rack up a
large cost is labor. In fact, 25% of a retailer’s cost is related to labor. This is because stocking, displaying, and disposing of
leftover packaging can take a lot of time.

The ability to take product directly from the delivery truck and place it on display immediately greatly reduces the time that’s spent.
Rather than take each individual product and place it on the shelf or display, employees can take the entire package with the product
inside directly from the truck and place it where their customers can easily see it. This also results in cleaner, more organized stores.

Retail Ready Packaging

Retail ready packaging is also helpful for customers. It allows them to be able to clearly see the product they’re searching for due
to the easy-to-recognize packaging. If they need a large amount of a product, they can easily take the entire case
off the shelf rather than try to carry a lot of individual cans, packets, etc.

Of course, suppliers are the group that benefits from retail ready packaging the most. It enhances their positioning and
visibility in the store, increasing the chance for sales. By making the packaging clean, simple, and
easily recognizable, suppliers are keeping their products top-of-mind for customers.


The Benefits of Retail Ready Packaging

Utilizing retail ready packaging offers significant benefits for everyone involved in the retail process. In addition
to the traits that set retail ready packaging apart from other types of packaging, here are the four main benefits:

Primary package design (the packaging that holds the product, i.e., the can around the soup) can have a huge impact on
secondary packaging (i.e., the box that holds the cans) as well as pallet optimization. Suppliers have to think
about how the packaging will hold up throughout the entire journey, from warehouse to delivery truck to shelf.
By considering every aspect of the packaging, they can avoid costs down the line in terms of product damage.

Quick, easy loading helps brands avoid stock-outs, when a retailer runs out of inventory for a specific product.
More time on the shelves means more brand exposure. This directly translates to more sales.

Efficient packaging decreases waste, allowing brands to spend less money on material. Retailers also spend
less time disposing of the material, saving them money as well.

When brands intentionally design their packaging to be sturdy, stackable, and recognizable on the shelf or display,
it ensures that their product won’t lose aesthetic integrity. That way, brands avoid their product
becoming a jumbled heap as it sells down.



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