When it comes to tipping, we think this little tip we learned in kindergarten still holds true: a little glue goes a long way. Automated tipping involves affixing flat products such as cards and sample packs to printed material. This process is a fantastic way to bring added value to your customers. It’s quick, accurate, and a perfect contract packaging solution for a variety of industries.

The benefits of tipping happen simultaneously: not only do your customers receive a little something special, but they’re also getting valuable information about your product. The printed materials that add-ons are tipped onto can be highly visual and engaging, leading to more brand awareness and a positive consumer experience. Plus, the speed and accuracy of our automated tipping lines can save you significant time and money.


Products Ideal for Tipping

Gift Cards

Loyalty Cards


Product Samples

How Does Tipping Work?

During the automated tipping process, a feeder “tips” a product onto the printed material moving on a conveyer underneath and affixes it using special, clean-release glue. Gift cards, loyalty cards, and product samples are just a few of the items that can be used with tipping. The add-on item can be removed easily from the card by the consumer without damage. Our tipping process includes all printing, die-cutting, and automatic folding and gluing.

With McNerney and Associates, our custom approach to tipping gives us the flexibility to develop creative and memorable solutions for you. From a simple fold to a complex die-cut, we will design and create the ideal tipping process for your next project or campaign. It’s like we said at the beginning: a little glue—coupled with our innovation and customization—certainly can go a long way.

We would love the opportunity to discuss becoming your full-service contract packaging partner. Contact us today to learn more.

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