Quality Assurance

McNerney and Associates believes quality is a function of design. We weave the highest standards of quality into every process associated with your project—from the incoming inspection of your CPG to the packaging process to shipping and distribution.

Our Quality Control Methods

To assure quality, we strive to eliminate the inconsistencies of the human element from the process through innovative automation. Throughout the production process, we utilize precision instruments and tools to ensure your retail-ready packaging exceeds quality standards around the world.

Barcode Verification

Barcode verification guarantees barcodes satisfy industry standards and are legible when they leave the warehouse. This step is crucial for several reasons. Big retailers like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods will issue chargebacks for unreadable barcodes. If you work with a regulated industry like health care, an unreadable barcode on your product can result in non-compliance fines.

Inline Check Weighing

Checkweighers integrated into a packaging line design means the ability to verify package weights quickly and efficiently. In fractions of seconds, packages are typically weighed while in motion on a conveyor. The checkweigher accepts or rejects each package based on the programmed weight. For rejections, a mechanism such as compressed air jets or a mechanical arm pushes the product out of the line.

Inline Vision Systems

Precision instruments including high-speed cameras, lasers, and imaging software detect and measure objects moving along a conveyor. Inline vision systems can detect and measure product size, shape, and color defects. This allows us to quickly identify recurring issues and adjust the packaging process accordingly.

Inventory Control Systems

Shipping. Receiving. Warehousing. You know the drill. Technology that manages and tracks your products needs to be the latest and greatest. Luckily, our proprietary inventory management software is the stuff of your supply chain dreams. For example, inventory scans can happen online, prior to loading, and yes, even on trucks—using the latest API integration.

Lot Tracking and Reconciliation

A lot number is a product identification number that indicates the batch or lot in which the product was created or processed. We have the capacity to track and trace serial numbers back to suppliers, distributors, or consumers by lot or batch. Reconciliation is used in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure all components have been accounted for and no mix-up occurred.

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